Published 11 March 2020

Mayor Kevin Knight’s conduct on 2 October 2019 breached clauses 2.2*, 2.3* and 2.11* of the Code of Conduct for Council Members, according to a preliminary finding by Tea Tree Gully Council at its meeting on 10 March 2020. 

The preliminary finding was based on an independent investigation by Norman Waterhouse Lawyers into an alleged incident involving the Mayor and a Council employee.

In response to the preliminary finding, Council has indicated its intention, subject to comment by Mayor Knight, to take the following proposed actions: 

  • To request Mayor Kevin Knight prepare a written apology to the employee and provide it to the Acting Mayor Damian Wyld for the Acting Mayor to provide it to the employee in such a manner as the Acting Mayor thinks is appropriate
  • To pass a censure motion against Mayor Knight arising from the findings of this investigation
  • To request Mayor Knight attend sexual harassment in the workplace training within two months of the date of Council’s resolution.

Mayor Knight has five business days to provide a written response addressing the preliminary findings and proposed actions. The written response will be presented at the next meeting of Council when Council will make a final determination.

Acting Mayor Damian Wyld is continuing to undertake all mayoral roles and duties while Mayor Knight is on leave of absence until further notice.

“It is disappointing that I am required to be the Acting Mayor under these circumstances.

“Council’s preliminary finding is that the Mayor breached the code of conduct in circumstances whereby sexual harassment has occurred.

 “Our community expects better of their leader,” said Acting Mayor Wyld.

*2.2 Act in way that generates community trust and confidence in the Council

*2.3 Act in a reasonable, just, respectful and non-discriminatory when dealing with people

*2.11 Not bully or harass Council staff

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