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Published 06 September 2017

The mini waste warriors at Surrey Downs Children’s Centre are passionate about recycling and protecting the environment.

The children who attend the centre are now skilled operators when it comes to worm farming and using a centuries-old Japanese composting method called bokashi to recycle food scraps.

Both methods are used to nourish the centre’s vegetable garden, where the children help out.

Harvested vegetables go to the centre’s cook, who smuggles them into tasty dishes for the children. 

Centre director Ann Morrison said their waste reduction drive began two years ago when staff decided they wanted to do more for the environment than just recycle paper.

Shortly afterwards, the centre won a Tea Tree Gully Council environmental grant.

This funded educational books and games on reducing waste, in addition to buying a large worm farm and setting up vegetable garden beds.

“It was all about making recycling fun,” said Mrs Morrison.

And it seems they have done this and more, with their waste-reduction campaign having a strong effect in children’s and staff members’ homes.

With a host of other recycling tactics in hand, the centre now saves $40 a month in waste-removal fees.

More importantly, the centre is educating impressionable young minds on the benefits of recycling.