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Published 26 June 2019

Your rates - what you can expect to pay

Continued improvements to parks and streetscapes are on the way in the coming 12 months, along with the construction of a multi-use building at Wynn Vale’s Richardson Reserve.

A general rate increase of 2.9% (excluding growth) has been approved by Tea Tree Gully Council. This is 0.2% higher than planned during the community consultation process and the same as the increase proposed by the state government if its rate capping legislation had been approved.

Council approved a $97 million 2019-2020 operating budget that was increased last week to cover an unprecedented, unexpected 40% rise in the state government solid waste levy.

“We wanted to keep the rate rise as low as possible, but unfortunately we had to find an additional $453,000 to cover this state government tax grab. We also had to cut about $300,000 from our $800,000 grants pool – money that would have been used to support grassroots sporting and community groups,” said Mayor Knight following the meeting.

“It is very confusing for a state government that has had a lot to say about ‘rate capping’ to now make a complete mockery of the budgeting and public consultation process with our draft annual business plan. I am extremely disappointed on behalf of our residents who now pay about $70 per household per year through their rates to fund this hidden state government tax.

“This 40% increase in the solid waste levy means an additional $3 million will be required just to cover the increase in the levy, which is now forecast to cost ratepayers a total of $14 million over the next four years.” he said.

With approval of the budget, streetscape upgrades will go ahead on North East Road at Modbury – between Wright and Reservoir roads – part of ongoing Council plans to create jobs and grow our local economy further. 

The construction of a new multi-purpose building at Richardson Reserve is expected to be completed by June 2020. The building will complement new synthetic soccer fields currently being built at the site.

Citywide, 5 km of new footpaths are set to be rolled out, with a $1.4 million budget allocation. The additional footpaths are part of long-term plans to put a footpath down every street across the City, where viable, to improve accessibility and street appeal.

With $1.4 billion of community assets under Council’s care, $16 million will be spent on maintenance to ensure they are kept in suitable condition for community use. 

About $90 million will be spent on delivery of core Council services, programs, events and activities to support, inspire and connect our 100,000 residents.

This year’s budget follows substantial capital works in the past 12 months, geared towards creating a sustainable and strong future for our City.

While considerable money will be spent by Council in the next year, our focus remains on reducing debt levels.

Budget snapshot

Capital works

  • $22 million – parks and gardens
    Maintenance, planning and planting, including $234,000 to renew tree screens on The Golden Way (Wynn Vale)
  • $9.9 million – waste management services
    Including $2.62 million for state government solid waste levy
    Also covers bin and hard waste collections, Enviro Care Sunday green waste drop-off events and mulch day
  • $4.5 million – road improvements
    Including $327,000 for reconstruction of Willson Road Gilles Plains (Padbury Road to Morawa Avenue)
  • $3.6 million – build multi-use building at Richardson Reserve, Wynn Vale
    To complement the new synthetic soccer pitches currently being installed
  • $1.9 milllion –  current community and sporting buildings upgrade
    Including $902,000 for a kitchen, bar and change room for Hope Valley Sporting Club (offset by state government grants)
  • $1.4 million new footpaths
    Including $119,000 for new footpaths in Minnamurra Drive (Hancock Road to Kirrawee Drive)
  • $975,000 – city beautification
    Including various sites in Modbury
  • $720,0000 – playground replacements at seven reserves
    Including $75,0000 for nature play at John Eichner Memorial Reserve, Greenwith

Your rates

How much extra you can expect to pay based on residential property valuation

General rate increase of 2.9%

  • $300,000 – an extra $36.96 a year or 71 cents a week
  • $400,000 – an extra $48.72 a year or 93 cents a week
  • $500,000 – an extra $60.32 a year or $1.16 a week