Published 26 November 2018

Pedestrians, motorists and cyclists are all experiencing safer roads as work on new footpaths continues to be rolled out. Already 3km of footpaths have been finished and 5km more due to be completed by July 2019.

Council is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable place for all pedestrians to walk along. This $1.4 million investment is part of our plans to eventually build a footpath down one side of every street, where feasible, in the City of Tea Tree Gully.

Here is an overview of what has been completed so far, and what is still to come: 


Balmoral Road, Dernancourt (Puringa Road to Vingara Drive) - Complete

Balmoral Road, Dernancourt (reserve to Puringa Road) – Complete

Nioka Road, Dernancourt (Cheringar Boulevard to Balmoral Reserve) - Complete

Fairview Park

Anona Way, Fairview Park (side boundary of #89 to side boundary of #8) – Commenced

Euroa Avenue, Fairview Park (Delange Avenue to Mintanta Drive) – Complete

Gilles Plains 

Dresden Road, Gilles Plains (Vicar Street to Anita Avenue) - Complete

Gay Avenue, Gilles Plains (Vicar Street to Anita Avenue) - Complete

Newcombe Drive  - Gilles Plains - Commenced

North East Road northern side (Wandana Ave to End of the Highlander Hotel) - remove existing bitumen (full width 3.3m) – Delayed


Lake View Crescent – Highbury – Complete

Lovelock Street, Highbury (Valley Road to Lower North East Road) - Commenced

Hope Valley

Berri Road, Hope Valley (Reservoir Road to end) – Commenced

Carnelian Street, Hope Valley (Payne Street to Onyx Court) – Community engagement

Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley (Tolley Court to Orion Avenue) – Commenced

Hotham Street, Hope Valley (Leeds Ave to Kennington Road) – Complete

Xavier Street - Hope Valley (Beckman Ave to Dunn Road) - Commenced


Burton Street, Modbury (May Avenue to Gorman Street) - Complete

Castle Street, Modbury (#12 to #32) – Scheduled

Corio Street, Modbury (O-Bahn to Burton Street) - Commenced

Henry Street, Modbury (North East Road to Carty Avenue) - Delayed

Modbury Heights

Hargrave Street, Modbury Heights (Oppostite Cobby Drive to Kingsford Smith Street) = replacement for Tay Court - Complete 

Sandpiper Court, Modbury Heights (Ladywood Road to end) – Scheduled

Modbury North 

Aistrope Ave p- Modbury North (18 Symonds Crescent to Exhibition Drive) – Scheduled

Argana Ave  - Modbury North (Hovea Ct to No.3 Argana) (No1 Atlas Court to No.6 opposite laneway between No.17 and No.18.) - Scheduled

Dakara Ave, Modbury North (complete footpath segment) - from No.8 to Rawling Street - Scheduled

Symonds Crescent - Modbury North (15 Aistrope Ave to 18 Symonds Crescent) - Commenced

Redwood Park 

Cooinda Ave, Redwood Park - Complete

Saratoga Ave - Redwood Park - Complete


Anne Street, Ridgehaven (Hazel Grove to Albion Way) – Commenced

Stevens Drive, Ridgehaven (Trim Drive to Penny Street) – Scheduled

Sunnyview Crescent, Ridgehaven (Hazel Grove to Haven Street) - Commenced

Surrey Downs 

Casuarina Avenue, Surrey Downs (Hakea Street to Agonis Street) - Scheduled

Hakea Street, Surrey Downs (Illyarrie Avenue to Grenfell Road) - Scheduled

Tea Tree Gully 

Fern Avenue, Tea Tree Gully (Parkview Drive to Highfield Drive) – Commenced

Wynn Vale

Alicante Avenue, Wynn Vale (Park Lake to Tokay Court) - Scheduled

Alicante Avenue, Wynn Vale (laneway opposite Reisling Road to Park Lake Drive) - Scheduled

Alicante Avenue, Wynn Vale (Tokay Court to Reisling Road) – Scheduled

Greenridge Court, Wynn Vale (Trefoil Court to Glover Court) – Complete