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Published 03 September 2018

The historic Hope Valley Institute has been given a new lease of life, thanks to a recent $50,000 upgrade of the building by Tea Tree Gully Council.

The front of the institute has been restored to its original state, back when it was built  in the early 20th Century when it played a key role in our community as a place to host balls, parties and meetings.

The upgrade involved removing a storeroom, added in the 1950s, from the front of the building.

 A verandah was then added and damaged stonework was repaired.

 The institute, built in 1921 using stone from Klopper’s Quarry, is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the Hope Valley area.

 It served as the part-time chamber for the District Council of Highercombe until it was amalgamated with Tea Tree Gully in 1935.

 The building is currently used by various groups in our community. 

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