Published 15 March 2019

Our record-breaking summer has had a dramatic effect on water quality and levels in our dams and wetlands.

Today a Council crew rescued about 20 native catfish from the Druminor wetlands at Modbury North and released them at nearby Wynn Vale Dam as there just wasn't enough water for them to survive within the wetlands.  

“The lower than average rainfalls have had a negative impact on groundwater levels, environmental flows and water levels in our water bodies,” said Council Water Resources Specialist Jonathan Foong.

 “Lack of environmental flows and flushes of fresh water affect the water chemistry of water bodies which impacts the wildlife and vegetation it supports.”

Council workers also removed dead fish, mainly carp, from the waterway.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for wetlands like this one. Tap water and recycled water contain chlorine, so cannot be pumped into the wetlands due to potential damage they would cause to the ecosystem.

The water level at Wynn Vale Dam is approximately at half capacity, which means releasing water from Wynn Vale Dam could potentially also put the ecosystem at the dam at risk.