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Published 05 August 2020

With about 600 km of sealed roads in the City of Tea Tree Gully, roads are a big ticket item in our annual budget.

About $4.9 million will be invested in road upgrades and renewals to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians this financial year.

Roadworks scheduled for 2020–2021

Road reconstruction –  $2.2 million

Resealing/road kerbing – $1.1 million 

Re-sheeting unsealed roads – $150,000

Roads to Recovery –$1.4 million


Road reconstruction – $2.2 million

Roads are reconstructed when they are not suitable to be repaired as they have developed structural faults

Harvey Crescent – Green Valley Drive to 2 Harvey Crescent 

Hope Valley
Hotham Street – Kennington Road to Leeds Avenue 

Elcombe Crescent – North East Road to end 

Modbury Heights
Maxlay Road – Brunel Drive to Mona Court

Modbury North
Carruthers Drive – Milne Road to intersection of 109 Carruthers 

St Agnes
Australia Avenue – parking and road realignment

Valley View
Flockhart Avenue – Wahroonga Avenue to North East Road

Dennis Grove – Perseverance Road to Perseverance Road 145

Resealing/road kerbing – $1.1 million

Resealing roads extends their life and improves safety and viability

Banksia Park
Warramunda Crescent – Pitanda Road to end 58

Dernancourt Drive – Farnham Terrace to Reid Road 40

Jenkins Street – North East Road to May Street
Richard Street – North East Road to May Street
Henry Street – North East Road to Carty Avenue 
Ivy Court – Carty Avenue to end
Saxon Street – North East Road to Carty Avenue
Britten Crescent – Britten Avenue to end
Britten Avenue – Gorman Street to Carty Street
Ward Street – Dalaston Street to Gorman Street 
Carty Avenue – Henry Street to Britten Avenue
Dalaston Street – Gorman Street to Britten Avenue
May Avenue – Henry Street to end
Burton Street – May Avenue to end
Corio Street – Burton Street to end

Modbury North
Warren Road – Alexander Avenue to Kelly Road
Alexander Avenue – Kelly Road to Warren Road
Ebony Avenue – Alexander Avenue to Primmer Avenue

Tea Tree Gully
Giddings Avenue – Lilac Street to Wattle Crescent
Perseverance Road (access road) – 46 to 76
Barker Avenue – Tregeagle Avenue to Hancock Road 
Wattle Crescent – Giddings Avenue to end
Hill Vista Avenue – Wattle Crescent to end
Erica Street – Haines Road to Camelia Street
Lamb Street – Shelley Street to end
Heitmann Court – Bowen Road to end

Shetland Lane – Allan Street to end
Orkney Lane – Janlyn Road to end 
Charity Lane – Janlyn Road to end
Allan Street – Perseverance Road to Endurance Street

Re-sheeting unsealed roads – $150,000

Fairview Park
Grenfell Road extension past sealed road

Unnamed road off Churchett Road – complete

Upper Hermitage
Kesters Road – Range Road North to end – complete

Roads to Recovery – $1.4 million

This federally funded program covers the cost of patching and resurfacing roads

Gould Creek
One Tree Hill Road, Gould Creek

40 Golden Grove Road – Rifle Range Road to Tongariro Street

Tea Tree Gully
Memorial Drive