Published 30 September 2019

Keep an eye out for new public art in Modbury, with seed pods sculptures at Civic Park and fence art panels now lining a section of Smart Road.

Seed pods
The tea tree seed pod sculptures at Civic Park were created by public artist Gerry McMahon and renown jeweller Christine Pyman.

The artists collaborated on the project after being connected through the City of Tea Tree Gully’s Ignite art program in 2017, funded by Arts South Australia.

The sculptures depict the capsules of the silky tea tree (Leptospremum lanigerum), local to the Tea Tree Gully area before settlement. “It’s an abstract form, we’ve over exaggerated something you would typically overlook as a tea tree seed is very small” said Gerry.

Lit from the inside at night, a dappled shadow effect surrounds the artworks to “look like the shadowy, flowing waters of the river the trees would have grown next to. The lights allow the sculptures to transform from day to night,” according to McMahon.

Fence art panels
The fence art panels on Smart road are the work of award-winning Aboriginal landscape architect and visual artist Paul Herzich, of Highbury.

“The fence panel installation has provided an opportunity for permanent Kaurna art in the City of Tea Tree Gully.  It is important to keep footprints of Kaurna culture in the public realm for all to enjoy” says Herzich.

Each panel, featuring traditional Kaurna colours, has a story to tell, including butterflies feeding, kangaroos and emus meandering across the river and creeks, and ibis tracks in muddy banks while dragonflies hover.

The panels are located next to the O-Bahn overpass by Seymour Avenue. 

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