Published 28 September 2018

 Being bushfire ready is an all year responsibility when you live in a bushfire risk area.

The first step in being bushfire ready is to be aware of your risk and the responsibility that goes with that.

As we have seen on many occasions ,fire does not discriminate when it comes to postcodes or who it impacts.

However the risk from fire to you and your family can be reduced greatly by taking the proper steps to being bushfire safe. Having a plan is the foundation to knowing what you will do in a bushfire situation. As well as this preparedness physically, emotionally and collectively with friends, family and neighbours will undoubtedly put you in a stronger position. 

Here are some useful questions and answers to understanding bushfire preparedness:

  • Why should everyone living in a bushfire risk area have a plan?
    Knowing what you will do on bad bushfire days is critical for both you and your family’s safety. There are two options; leave early or stay and defend.
  • What important factors can help guide your decision to leave or stay and defend
    There are certain things like understanding fire behaviour, fire danger ratings and what to expect in a fire that can help guide your decision-making.
  • What is the importance of the Fire Danger Ratings?
    The Fire Danger Rating can be used as your trigger as to what course of action you will take in leaving early. It is recommended that on days of forecast as catastrophic you leave early well ahead of any fire threat.
  •  What is too early and when is too late?
    Leaving too early may seem as an over-reaction but the simple question is why risk it? Part of your plan should be identifying where you will go that is in a safer place away from the threat of bushfire. The 5-minute plan will help you document where you will go as well as automate your Bushfire Safer Places and Last Resort Refuges.
  • Who should stay and defend?
    You should only choose to stay and defend if you think you: have prepared your property against bushfire; are emotionally and physically confident; have a plan 
    Understand you may be on your own.

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