Published 30 November 2018

With summer now here, it's important to look out for snakes when you're outside enjoying the hot weather.

Snakes are highly active in warm weather, particularly near water sources. Please be careful when walking along reserves, creeks and in rural areas. We encourage you to stay on the paths, avoid going too close to the water and walk dogs on a lead where possible. 

The most frequently encountered snakes are the venomous brown or red-bellied black snake species.

If you see a snake, keep your distance and do not disturb. If you are ever bitten by a snake:

  • Call 000 immediately
  • Try to stay as calm as possible
  • Stay as immobile as possible until help has arrived

Snakes are a protected species so you should not try to kill them.

Snake sightings on Council land can be reported on 8397 7444 during business hours or on 1300 405 536 outside this time.

We recommend you contact a snake catcher to assist with snakes on private land.