Published 01 February 2019

Five City of Tea Tree Gully youth will make a flying visit to Roxby Downs later this month to co-host a youth leadership summit.

This follows an approach by Roxby Downs Council, who want to establish a youth development program similar to the City of Tea Tree Gully’s. Roxby Downs Council will pay costs associated with the visit. 

“This is a great opportunity for our young people, who are very open to sharing their skills and knowledge,” said Carly Didcote, Youth Development Officer.

“The young leaders, all graduates from our youth leadership program, have already put in a lot of work with me to develop the program for Roxby Downs, including a number of activities.”

In other positive news, Alexandrina Council is also tapping into our youth development expertise with an Emerging Young Makers Bootcamp this weekend to be hosted by Ms Didcote.

Four local young makers from the City of Tea Tree Gully, who have successfully established micro enterprises through Council’s youth programs, will also share their experiences and insights at the event.

Our 2019 youth leadership program kicked off last week, with weekly leadership training, as well as support key youth events.

Many of the young leaders who were involved in our inaugural youth leadership program last year have now registered as Council volunteers and serve as peer mentors for youth programs.

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