Published 06 February 2019

Maltese is the most common dog breed in the City of Tea Tree Gully, according to dog registration statistics released by the Dog and Cat Management Board.

A total of 2,553 of these cute, affectionate, fluffy dogs call our City home. There are 30,230 registered in SA, making it also the most popular dog breed in the state. 

Barking at the heels of the Maltese breed to round out the top five most popular registered dog breeds in our City were:

  • Second place, Labrador Retriever (1375 registered)
  • Third place, Staffordshire Bull Terrior (1,192 registered)
  • Fourth place, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (855 registered)
  • Fifth place, Border Collie (897).

See the links below for helpful information for dog owners. 

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