Published 31 January 2019

Being a supportive parent, caregiver or grandparent at junior sporting matches’ benefits children, coaches, referees and the wider community.

Here’s ten tips for appropriate sideline behaviour.

  1. Be a positive role model – Be aware of what you say and do
  2. Encourage and support your child before, during and after training and games
  3. Don’t coach your child from the sidelines – let the coach do the coaching
  4. Support and respect the coaching staff and their decisions
  5. Refrain from arguing with the referees
  6. Give yourself a time out if things get heated
  7. Encourage fair play and good manners
  8. Don’t pressure your child about winning or losing
  9. Celebrate your child’s achievements – no matter how big or small
  10. Encourage your child to have fun with their sport – a positive influence can result in a healthy lifetime relationship with sport

For more information and resources on this issue, visit Play By The Rules.