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Access over Council reserves

Permission is required to gain access over a Council reserve in accordance with Council's By-Law 3.
Applicants need to submit a copy of their current public risk insurance policy, insuring them for ten million dollars ($10,000,000) with their application. 

Access over council reserve(PDF,73KB)

Backyard burning

Apply for a permit to burn agriculture or forestry waste, to prepare food or beverages, for domestic heating, or for fire prevention or control outside the fire danger season - 1 May to 30 November.

Application for a burning permit(PDF,62KB)

Additional information on domestic heating and preparation of food(PDF,130KB)

A permit issued by the Country Fire Service (CFS) is required during fire danger season.

Please see the CFS website for further information.

Rubbish & bins

Any person wishing to place a hard refuse bin, miniskip or shipping container on a roadway or footway within the City requires permission in accordance with Council's By-Law 3.

Hard refuse bin or shipping container application(PDF,68KB)

Fishing from Wynn Vale Dam

Any person wishing to fish for recreational purposes from Wynn Vale Dam at Wynn Vale requires permission in accordance with Council's By-Law 3. An application form needs to be submitted noting that a minimum of 5 working days is required to assess the application. 

Fishing permit application(PDF,48KB)

Food vendors and selling from streets

Any person wishing to operate a mobile food vending business, sell ice cream, food or other products on Council streets and roads or Council owned land, requires permission from Council. 

Mobile food vending permit application

Application to sell from streets and roads

Application to sell ice cream from streets and roads

Application to sell from Council owned land

Heavy vehicle transport permits

For all general enquiries contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Enquiries about permits required within South Australia can be made by contacting the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s Vehicle Permits Team: Phone: 1300 882 248 or email:


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