Developing in Modbury

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Modbury’s location and infrastructure provides the ideal foundation for renewal. Supported by Council's own major investment in the precinct, the City of Tea Tree Gully is actively encouraging development in Modbury and its surrounding suburbs.

Improved transport links to the CBD have made the area very accessible for residents, particularly with the O-Bahn busway linking the Modbury Precinct and Adelaide’s CBD. Modbury is also identified as a strategic activity centre and the Modbury Interchange a mass-transit station within metropolitan Adelaide’s 30-Year Plan

Community and economy profile tool

To access statistical, demographic and economic information about our City, including suburb specific data, visit the Community Profile and Economic Profile for the City of Tea Tree Gully. 

Guidelines for new development in Modbury

The State Government has introduced a new planning system from March 2021. Visit Plan SA for more information and lodgement details. 

The Planning and Design Code is the central feature of the new planning system, which specifies the guidelines of what can and cannot be built, and how homes and other developments should be designed.

The main zones covering the Modbury Precinct are:

  • Urban Activity Centre Zone, which promotes a broad spectrum of regional level business, shopping, entertainment and recreational facilities integrated with public transport, pedestrian and cycling networks, that can cater for large crowds, smaller social gatherings and events over extended hours.
  • Urban Renewal Neighbourhood Zone, which seeks to take advantage of well-located urban land by provide new diverse housing options at an increased density.
  • Housing Diversity Neighbourhood Zone, which promotes medium density housing that supports a range of needs and lifestyles, located within easy reach of services and facilities.

Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS)

Some properties within the Modbury precinct are connected to the CWMS as opposed to mains sewerage. If you are looking to develop in the Modbury precinct, contact us to confirm if the property is currently serviced by the CWMS. Learn more about the CWMS.

For more information about developing in Modbury, contact our Planning team.