Modbury Precinct Activation

The Modbury Precinct Activation Strategy identifies projects that will meet the objectives and deliver the outcomes for the area:

Objective 1 - Vibrancy

To facilitate a Modbury Precinct that is a centre of activity, diversity and culture.

Objective 2 - Prosperity

To cultivate a local economy that attracts new investment in retail, hospitality, entertainment, commerce, health, education and housing.

Objective 3 - Liveability

To ensure the Modbury Precinct includes high quality venues and public spaces and a range of quality housing/residential options.

Six desired outcomes

Within Modbury Precinct we want to:

  1. Create safe, healthy, high-quality public spaces that meet the needs of a changing community
  2. Achieve a high standard of design and architecture
  3. Provide alternative transport options to car based travel
  4. Build on local identity to create a sustainable and robust community with a unique sense of place
  5. Grow and diversify our population
  6. Grow our local businesses and economy.

Key indicators and delivery framework: Modbury Precinct Activation Strategy 2015-2040(PDF, 933KB)

Research that informed the Activation Strategy: Technical Report Modbury Precinct 30 July 2013(PDF, 3MB)