Golden Grove Code Amendment for housing

November 2021

The process to rezone the Rural Living Zone to a Neighbourhood-type Zone (shown in image below) could see more than 1,500 homes constructed on the north-eastern fringe of Greater Adelaide over a period of 10 to 15 years.

Council will seek agreement from the Minister for Planning to undertake the Code Amendment, which is required under section 73(2)b of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. If the Minister for Planning does not agree to initiate a Code Amendment, the process will end.

If the proposal is agreed to by the Minister, detailed investigations will commence to prepare the draft Code Amendment. Key steps in the process are outlined below. 

The Code Amendment could take one to two years to complete and will be funded by developers YAS P&D and Villawood Properties. 

Rural Living Zone at Golden Grove

Code Amendment - key steps

Each step relies on the previous step being approved. If this does not occur, the process ends at that point. 


1. Submit Proposal to Initiate a Code Amendment to the Minister for Planning
Council will submit the proposal to the Minister for Planning and the following process would begin, which could take one to two years to complete.


2. Investigations and draft Code Amendment (Council endorsement required) 
Council will oversee the investigations and preparation of the draft Code Amendment. Investigations will focus on the impacts and opportunities this significant proposal might have for our community, including - but not limited to - roads and traffic, the environment, storm-water, historical heritage, parks and reserves. Investigations will also look at medical services, transport, schools, mining and our local economy.


The process is set out in the Planning, Design and Infrastructure Act 2016. A key aspect in this process will be inviting the community to have their say. The process in the Act is as follows:
  1. Pre-initiation investigations 
  2. Proposal to Initiate Code Amendment submitted to the Minister 
  3. Minister approves Proposal to Initiate Code Amendment
  4. Prepare draft Code Amendment and prepare community engagement plan 
  5. Community engagement undertaken - register here to be part of community engagement
  6. Council considers Community Engagement Report and final Code Amendment 
  7. Minister approves Code Amendment. Review by Environment, Resource Development (ERD) Committee.

Frequently asked questions

What is being proposed?

  • Rezoning of 109 ha of Rural Living Zone at Golden Grove for housing.
  • Approx 1,500 housing allotments.
  • Approx 3,900 residents. 

What stage is this at?

  • It’s still early in the process.
  • YAS P&D and Villawood Properties have asked Council if it would investigate the possibility of rezoning the land for housing.
  • Council decided to support in-principle the idea of rezoning for housing on 27 July 2021, and required more information before agreeing to initiate the formal rezoning process. 
  • On 12 October 2021, Council agreed to submit the rezoning proposal to the State Government to seek support from the Minister for Planning to start the formal rezoning process, which involves investigating all the issues and then consulting with the community. 

Will the community have an opportunity to have their say and when?

  • Community engagement is a legal requirement (under the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act).
  • Once the investigations are completed the community can comment on the draft policies and rezoning proposal which are detailed in a document called the “Code Amendment”. 
  • The exact timing of when formal community engagement will commence is not set at this stage, however we are aiming for early 2022.
  • The timing of community engagement will depend on how long other steps in the process take, including all the investigations.

Has Council made a decision on this rezoning?

  • As of 12 October 2021, Council has agreed to submit the proposal to the Minister for Planning to formally initiate the rezoning process and to start a more detailed investigation into the rezoning.
  • Investigations will include important issues such as traffic, storm-water, bushfires, Aboriginal heritage, proximity to quarries, environmental and ecological considerations.

Traffic and bushfire issues

  • These issues would be considered, along with other important issues, as part of further investigations.
  • The investigations would also consider upgrades to One Tree Hill Road. 
  • These investigations would be reported to Council and the community will be invited to provide comment as part of the community engagement process.

How do I register my interest for a block of land?

  • The rezoning needs to occur first, and there’s no guarantee this will happen, then a master plan for land division needs to be prepared and approved before the first stage of allotments can be released to interested purchasers by the developers. This could take around  years.
  • Allotments will be released in stages over 15 years.

Who owns the land proposed to be rezoned?

  • The land is owned by private land owners.

How was it decided which developers will develop the area?

  • As each land holding is privately-owned, the two developers have negotiated agreements with the majority of land owners regarding a rezoning of their properties with the intention of developing the properties for housing.
  • Council has no part in negotiations between the land owners and the developers.
  • Developers and landowners can ask a council if they would be willing to consider investigating the rezoning of land (-ie undertake a Code Amendment).
  • Developers and landowners can also assist with funding the investigations.
  • Council will receive no financial benefit for the investigations other than to recoup costs of the investigations from the developer.

Is there additional infrastructure planned?

  • The development will include the infrastructure required to support a new development of this scale and will include the usual storm-water networks, roads, street lighting, street trees, telecommunications, sewer, water, etc.

Golden Grove Code Amendment for commercial/retail

YAS P&D are separately proposing to rezone land at 53 and 99 Crouch Road from Rural Living Zone to a commercial/retail type zone in support of the existing and proposed future population (refer to map below: Affected Area).

This rezoning proposal does not fall within the scope of the Council-led Golden Grove Code Amendment  for housing, however, there is a degree of connection between the two given they affect the same zone and will serve a similar community. 

Golden Grove Code Amendment for commercial/retail - Affected Area