Advertising signs

The display of outdoor advertisements requires approval from Council.

Temporary advertising signs

Apply for permission to display temporary advertising signs on or adjacent to Council land.

To display or erect an advertising sign or banner, other than a moveable sign, on a footpath or Council land advertising an event requires permission in accordance with Council By law 2(PDF, 611KB)  and By law 3(PDF, 115KB)

With Council permission these signs may be displayed for one month prior to the event in any twelve month period.

Recommended dimensions

Corflute signs:

900mm x 900mm

Canvas banners:

5m x 1m or 3m x 1m

Moveable signs

Moveable signs are known as 'A' frame or sandwich board signs and may be displayed in accordance with Council By-law 5(PDF, 721KB) provided that:

  • The sign only contains material which advertises the business being conducted on premises adjacent to the moveable sign or the goods and services are available from that business
  • There is only one moveable sign displayed per business
  • The sign is only displayed when the business to which it relates is open to the public
  • It is not tied, fixed or attached to anything
  • The sign is not displayed during the hours of darkness unless it is in a clearly lit area and is clearly visible
  • It is not displayed on a median strip, traffic island or on the carriageway of a road.

Outdoor advertising signs

The display of certain outdoor advertisements on private property require development approval from Council. Contact our City Development department on 8397 7444 

Artwork on stobie/power poles

To apply to paint a stobie pole you must obtain approval from both SA Power Networks and Council. 


Please note that not all stobie poles are appropriate for painting.

City of Tea Tree Gully is favourable to artworks with a 'naturally better' theme.

Artwork on stobie and power poles guidelines: Stobie-pole-guidelines.pdf(PDF, 142KB)