Neighbours and private property

For information and services on resolving issues with your neighbour please contact the Legal Services Commission of South Australia on 1300 366 424

A list of services is available on their website. They provide advice and assist with managing issues relating to:

  • nuisance situations
  • fences
  • trees
  • animals
  • privacy
  • use of land.

Unsightly premises - squalor, hoarding and nuisance 

We may investigate issues that fall under the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016. 

This means properties that have:

  • excessive or unconstrained rubbish, waste or vegetation
  • stockpiled, excessive or unconstrained disused or derelict items
  • a building left in a state of disrepair, dilapidation and damage 

where, in the opinion of an authorised officer of Council, it

  • has an adverse effect on the amenity value of the area, or 
  • causes the premises to be significantly out of conformity with the general appearance of neighbouring premises.

If you have concerns you'd like to discuss, please contact us