Street trees and trees on private property

Report it or request it

Report an issue with a tree on Council property online or call us on 8397 7444

Pruning trees on Council property

Our teams undertake regular specific pruning of street trees.

All pruning must meet our guidelines as per the Tree Management Policy therefore all pruning will be as minimal as possible.

We currently look after more than 100,000 street trees across the City and our pruning program is part of our strategic approach for their care and maintenance. 

Street tree planting process

Our street tree planting program runs from April to October each year - weather permitting. 

Where new street tree planting is planned, residents are advised and feedback is taken into consideration. Signs are placed in the relevant streets as a reminder of the upcoming tree plantings. New trees are planted and Council maintains and nurtures these new trees until they are established. Residents are welcome to participate and help care for new street trees by providing additional watering. 

Trees on private property

Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, however some trees require approval to remove. To determine if you need approval, refer to Trees - when you need approval

For issues with trees from neighbouring properties, please refer to the Legal Services Commission of South Australia