Verge alterations

1. Overview

2. Driveways or crossing places

Property owners are responsible for constructing new, or repairing and maintaining existing, driveways / crossing places and inverts or gutter crossings. Approval must be obtained prior to starting work.

Second driveways are only approved in rare situations where property frontages can accommodate them. Examples of when this may be considered are corner blocks or properties with rear frontages, where on-street parking is retained.

Applying for an approval for additional driveway does not guarantee approval. Application fees are not refundable.

3. Landscaping a verge

A verge or naturestrip is usually the section between:

  • The property boundary and the road
  • The footpath and the road. 

Approval must be obtained prior to starting work.

4. Stormwater connections

Connecting and maintaining residential stormwater pipes across Council land is the responsibility of the property owner - eg pipe crossing the footpath to the kerb. Approval must be obtained prior to starting work.

5. Underground electrical service connections

Connecting and maintaining electrical connections underneath Council land is the responsibility of the property owner. Approval must be obtained prior to starting work