Verges and naturestrips

1. Overview

Council cuts residential verges from late winter to early summer and depending on seasonal factors.

At the end of spring, Council also cuts roadside verges to address fire risks and line of site obstructions for motorists. Council liaises with Department for Infrastructure and Transport, who are responsible for cutting grass on median strips along main roads.

Cut grass is not collected but left on the verge.

Additional cutting outside of this program is only undertaken in cases where high growth creates risks for traffic or pedestrians.

2. Check the verge mowing schedule

Use the map below to find verge mowing scheduled for your area.

  • Zoom in/out or type an address in the search field to navigate to your address. Click on the overlay-colour to see scheduled monthly verge mowing in your area.
  • The dates below may vary subject to weather.

3. Landscape a verge

Apply to landscape your verge