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Located in Adelaide’s North East, and offering a relaxed lifestyle, relatively low cost of living, and access to modern facilities and natural environs, Modbury is already an appealing place to live – and it’s about to get even better.

The Modbury Precinct is undergoing a major and positive transformation. It’s set to become even more vibrant, prosperous, and attractive than ever and evolve as a key centre for activity, diversity and culture.

The local economy will promote and attract new investment in retail, hospitality, entertainment, commerce, health, education and residential development. This will be achieved through the provision of high-quality venues and public spaces, and a range of new housing options.

Modbury’s existing and planned infrastructure, together with its location in in the north east of metropolitan Adelaide, creates an ideal foundation for renewal.

This dynamic precinct features:

  • Major shopping centres and entertainment options
  • Excellent employment opportunities
  • Vibrant community activities, events and arts initiatives.
  • Efficient public transport connections including the O-Bahn link to the Adelaide CBD
  • Smart technologies including NBN and 4G networks
  • Natural open space, parks, walking and cycling trails
  • Well-maintained recreation facilities and sports grounds

Underpinning this exciting revitalisation is the City of Tea Tree Gully’s major financial commitment to improve the attractiveness and vibrancy of public places and promoting activity that supports private investment in the area. 


Vision for Modbury Precinct

More than just a place to live, Modbury will be a place people know and love.

Modbury Precinct is a destination focused on people. Already, it has a prosperous local economy, with new job opportunities in a wide range industries.

Today, the existing community thrives, but it will be further enriched with a greater diversity of high-quality housing to meet the changing needs of the community.

The transformation into a premium lifestyle address will see shopping, dining and entertainment options just a short stroll from residential neighbourhoods or easy O-Bahn ride for visitors from the city.

Clean, safe streets lined with shady trees will be the envy of many – connecting homes, jobs, parks, play spaces, creek corridors, retail, health and community services.

The scenic walking and cycling trails through beautiful open spaces and natural creek lines will be further enhanced as Modbury changes over the coming years.

There shall be an overarching sense of style in the area’s future landscape, buildings, footpaths, signage, playgrounds and public art. This will create a memorable character that looks and feels like no other in Adelaide. And it is this quality in our public spaces, residential areas, streetscapes, services and infrastructure that will define Modbury and see the precinct become Adelaide’s finest place to live, meet and do business.

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