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Unemployment in the City of Tea Tree Gully dropped from 4.5% in March 2016 to 3.9% in March 2017, compared to 7.0% in Greater Adelaide1.  

Significant new investments are underway and planned in the Council area from the ICT, retail, hospitality, and health and social assistance sectors. The $200 million redevelopment of Westfield, the establishment of Datacom in Modbury, and a number of developments in the Aged Care sector will provide significant employment opportunities both during and after construction.

These works are supported by a number of substantial investments underway by Council to grow investment and jobs in Modbury. This includes the current upgrade of main roads such as Reservoir Road and Smart Road.

Council is also active in supporting economic development across this City. We support local businesses and entrepreneurs to establish and grow through our partnership with Polaris Business and Innovation Centre.

Tea Tree Gully’s relaxed lifestyle and liveability, plus access to fast broadband services, have likely contributed to local jobs growth and opportunities for residents to run home-based businesses. Leading demographer Bernard Salt recently identified Modbury as one of Adelaide’s ‘business hotspots,’ with the number of small businesses here growing by 22% over the last five years compared to -3% across Adelaide and 0.1% across Australia2


1 - ABS Labour Force Survey and Centrelink data

2 - Bernard Salt Lifestylepreneurs Presentation

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