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Unauthorised development

The City of Tea Tree Gully Development Compliance team have the role of investigating unlawful development which occurs within our Council area.

Determining when an activity/building requires approval

We rely on the community to assist us to monitor unlawful development within our City. There are some simple steps to follow to determine if a development has approval.

  1. Identify what is occurring. What is the activity or type of building being erected?
  2. Determine if the development requires approval. Include links to the list of development that require approval
  3. Refer to Councils’ Development Application Register to determine if an approval has been obtained
  4. If there is no evidence of an approval, or you don’t believe the development is occurring in accordance with approved plans, contact Council’s Development Compliance Officer on 8397 7444.

What happens next?

Once a complaint has been submitted, our compliance team will investigate the breach. Where your contact details are provided we will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry and you will be advised on the outcome of the investigation.

What council will not investigate

Councils Enforcement Policy provides guidance on what will and will not be investigated and the level of action that may be taken. Council will not investigate the following matters:

  • Particular types of drainage issues including:
    • Surface water drainage issues unrelated to a building or where there are no conditions relating to the management of surface water
    • Stormwater runoff from older buildings where building code requirements of the time did not require connection to council infrastructure or the road kerb.
  • Very minor breaches – our resources are limited and our priority is to focus on serious breaches
  • Issues raised that are of a malicious nature. 

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