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Depending on the zoning of your property and the location of your verandah relative to nearby watercourse areas, in most circumstances a quick and simple planning assessment for your new verandah can occur when the verandah is designed within the following design guidelines: 

  • The verandah will be associated with an existing dwelling on the property
  • No portion of the verandah will be located in front of the wall of the dwelling that faces the street
  • If the property is a corner allotment, the verandah will not be within 0.9 metres of the secondary street boundary
  • The verandah is set back at least 5.5m from the primary street boundary
  • The verandah has:
    • A floor area no greater than 60m²
    • A post height not exceeding 3m (measured from the natural surface of the ground)
    • A roof height not exceeding 5m above the natural surface of the ground.
  • If located along a boundary of the allotment (other than a primary or secondary street boundary) the verandah will not:
    • Exceed a length of 8m
    • Result in all existing walls or structures located along the boundary exceeding 45% of the length of the boundary.
  • If the verandah is associated with a detached or semi-detached dwelling, all development located on the property will not result in more than 60% of the property being covered. In any other case, all development on the property with not cover more than 70% of the property
  • Construction of the verandah does not involve:
    • Excavation or filling exceeding a vertical height of 1m
    • Both excavation and filling with a combined vertical height exceeding 2m
  • There are no regulated/significant trees on the site or on adjoining land that might be affected (including damage to tree roots) by the verandah.
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