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What information is required to lodge an application?

  • Development application form
  • A completed Regulated or Significant tree proposal form
  • A site plan showing:
    • The boundaries of the site(s)
    • The location of the subject tree/s, relative to existing buildings and boundaries of the site
      Please note: the site plan may be in the form of an aerial photograph, the back page of the Certificate of Title, or a hand drawn plan clearly marking the location of the tree(s). For more information see preparing a site plan
  • Supporting technical information
    An applicant may be requested to provide supporting documentation for their application to undertake tree damaging activity. Information such as a report from a landscape architect which assesses a tree’s amenity value; a report from an arborist with a minimum Certificate V in Horticulture (Arboriculture) to determine the health/structural integrity of a tree; or a report from a structural engineer to assess suggested damage to property.
  • Application fees 
    Application fees are required, at the time of lodgement. The fees will vary depending on the cost of development.

Further information: Trees - When you need development approval

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