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It is possible to build a cubby house without requiring development approval.
To determine this, we need to look at if the cubby house meets the following criteria:

  •  The cubby house can  be easily moved; and
  •  The cubby house does not require deep footings; and
  •  The cubby house can be lifted/moved without the assistance of machinery.

If you can meet these requirements, you do not need development approval from Council before building your cubby house.

However, if the cubby house does not meet all of the above criteria, then the cubby house is considered to be an “outbuilding”  and development approval may need to be sought as explained below.

Determining whether a cubby house (an outbuilding) requires approval

If you have determined based on the above that your cubby house is an “outbuilding”, the next step is to look at the design and location of your cubby house to determine if it is an outbuilding that needs development approval from Council.  Firstly, your cubby house must not be located in any of the following areas: 

  •  A Flood Plain as delineated by the Tea Tree Gully Development Plan
  •  Hills Face Zone
  •  A Watercourse Zone
  •  Any of the Golden Grove Policy Areas within the Residential Zone 

In addition to the above, the design and location of the cubby house on your property must also satisfy the following:

  •  It must be detached and ancillary to another building on the site; and
  •  Have a floor area not exceeding 15 square metres; and
  •  Have no span exceeding 3 metres; and
  •  Have no part higher than 2.5 metres above natural ground level; and
  •  Not be located forward of the building line of the building which it is ancillary to or within 900mm of a secondary street boundary; and
  •  Not located within 6 metres of the intersection of  two boundaries where those boundaries face a road.

If the cubby house can satisfy all of the above, then development approval will not be required.

If you are unclear on any of the above information or would like to find out more information about Council’s cubby house requirements, you please contact Council’s Development Assessment Team.

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