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Development approval is required for a solar panel system if it matches any of the following:

  • The solar panel system is being installed at a State heritage place
  • The solar panel system will have a total weight greater than 100kg
  • In the case of a local heritage place, in addition to the above requirements, the solar panel system must not be able to be seen by a person standing at ground level in a public street
  • If greater than 100kg:
    • The weight load of the system should be distributed so that it is less than 100kg at every point of attachment to the roof
    • The panels (and any associated components) overhang any part of the roof
    • The panels are fitted so that their underside is greater than 100mm above the surface of the roof
    • The panels are installed by a person who does not hold an accreditation under a scheme recognised by the Minister.


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