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Measuring trees

Learn how to measure trees to find out if they are regulated or not.


The Development Act 1993 provides that any ‘tree damaging activity’ to a regulated or significant tree is ‘development’ and therefore requires development approval.

Specifically, approval is required for the following works:

  • Removal
  • Killing or destruction
  • Branch or limb lopping
  • Ringbarking or topping
  • Any other substantial damage to a regulated or significant tree, including to its root system other than maintenance pruning. For example, some types of landscaping involving the importation or fill or removal of soil within the tree protection zone of a regulated tree requires approval.

Please note that development approval is not required in the following instances:

  • For ‘maintenance pruning’
  • Where the tree is listed as exempt(PDF,94KB) within the development regulations.

More information on Significant and Regulated Trees

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