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A scaled site plan is required for all development applications. The site plan must comply with the following criteria; however a lesser level of detail may be acceptable in some circumstances. 

The site plan must: 

  • Be drawn to a recommended scale of 1:200 showing all boundaries of the property including measurements and site area
  • Show the location of all existing buildings and ‘Regulated’ or ‘Significant’ trees on the property and neighbouring property
  • Show the location of any easements on the property
  • Show how stormwater will be discharged from the property
  • Show the location of any proposed retaining walls with details of required cut and/or fill
  • Show driveways from adjoining roads onto the land and car parking spaces for occupants and visitors
  • Indicate location of street furniture such as stobie poles and any side entry pits adjacent to the property
  • For sloped land, contours of the land and finished floor levels of proposed building work in relation to the water table may be required.

If you require a site plan to be prepared on your behalf, contact a draftsperson or architect. 

When selecting a scale it is important to the consider the following:

  • The size of your property – The scale selected determines the size of your drawings.  When selecting your scale, it is important to ensure your site plan fits on a single piece of paper.
  • Consider the amount of information you need to include on your plan.  Properties with a lot of information will need to be drawn at a larger scale to ensure that all information can be easily read -  The smaller the number, the larger the drawing.
  • Elevation drawings generally need to be drawn at a larger scale to clearly convey the appearance of a building.
  • There is no such thing as a right scale, provided all information is clearly legible – Pick a scale(s) suitable to your property.

1:100 – 1 centremetre  = 1 metre

This scale may be appropriate for:

  • Smaller properties
  •  Elevation drawing



1:200 – 0.5 centimetres = 1 metre

This scale may be suitable for:

  • Most site plans

Not suitable for:

  • Elevations drawings



1:500 – 2 millimetres = 1 metre

Only suitable for:

  • Very large properties

Not suitable for:

  • Standard suburban sized allotments
  • Elevation drawings



1:50 – 1 centimetre = 0.5 metres

Only suitable for:

  • Elevation drawings

Not suitable for:

  • Site plans



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