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 The display of outdoor advertisements requires approval from Council.

Temporary advertising signs

To display or erect an advertising sign or banner (other than a moveable sign) on a footpath or Council land advertising an event requires permission in accordance with Council By-Laws 2(PDF,611KB) and By-Laws 3(PDF,115KB).

With Council permission these signs may be displayed for one month prior to the event in any twelve month period.

Recommended dimensions:

Corflute signs

900mm x 900mm

Canvas banners

5m x 1m or

3m x 1m
Advertising sign application(PDF,105KB)

Moveable signs

Moveable signs are known as 'A' Frame or sandwich board signs and may be displayed in accordance with Council By-Laws 5(PDF,721KB) provided that:

  • The sign only contains material which advertises the business being conducted on premises adjacent to the moveable sign or the goods and services are available from that business
  • There is only one moveable sign displayed per business
  • The sign is only displayed when the business to which it relates is open to the public
  • It is not tied, fixed or attached to anything
  • The sign is not displayed during the hours of darkness unless it is in a clearly lit area and is clearly visible
  • It is not displayed on a median strip, traffic island or on the carriageway of a road.

Outdoor advertising signs

The display of certain outdoor advertisements on private property require development approval from Council. Contact our City Development department on 8397 7444.

Artwork on Stobie/Power Poles

For information on artwork upon Stobie and power poles please see our Stobie Poles Guidelines(PDF,137KB).

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