Responsible dog ownership

pug on lead

Over 50% of households in the City of Tea Tree Gully have a dog. Be a responsible dog owner and community member by following these by-laws and guidelines. 

Keep your dog on a lead in public spaces

Be a responsible dog owner by walking your dog on-leash for the safety and comfort of other residents and their dogs.

Dogs must be on a leash when in the following areas:

  • Streets and footpaths
  • Reserves with playgrounds
  • Flora and fauna reserves
  • Wetland areas
  • Dry Creek and Linear Park -  except the areas where signs say dogs may be exercised off-leash.

Council has a range of off-leash dog parks and designated off-leash areas if this is how you prefer to exercise your dog. Even off-leash, your dog must be under the effective control of a competent person by being under voice control and within sight at all times. More information

Pick up after your dog

It really stinks coming across dog poo in local streets and reserves – and even more if you happen to tread on it.

  • Please bring and use dog poo bags to pick up after your dog when you’re out and about.
  • Green compostable dog poo bags are available at many local parks and reserves.
  • Place used bags in a public bin – or take them home and put them in your green organics waste bin.

By doing the right thing, you’ll avoid another stinky situation as fines of up to $210 can apply.

Report an empty dog poo bin dispenser, request a dog poo bag dispenser or report dog waste in public spaces

Keep your dog off sporting fields 

If an oval, reserve or park is used for formal sporting activities, your dog needs to be walked elsewhere.

  • Dogs are prohibited from being on sporting playing surfaces. More information
  • They may be exercised on-leash on the areas immediately surrounding playing fields. 

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