2,000 street trees to be planted

Published on 07 March 2023

street tree planting crew in action

About 2,000 trees will be planted from April through to October this year. Learn why this is so important.

Street trees help keep local streets green and cool, create habitat for wildlife and improve the look and feel of our streets.

They also provide oxygen for us to breathe, filter pollution, flood protection and prevent erosion.

See where street trees are going to be planted this year.

If you’d like a tree planted on the verge outside your property, please let us know via our online form.

A broad range of tree species are planted annually to spread the risks posed by pests, diseases, and climate change across species.

Species to be planted this year include eucalypts, banksias, bottlebrush, jacarandas and ginkgos.

While Council water young street trees regularly in dry weather, you're also welcome to water them. 

Report damage or maintenance requirements for street trees 

Why we need to plant more trees

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