Superb Fairywren habitat project

Wren 2.jpg

We have been monitoring a known stable group of Superb Fairywren along the Dry Creek corridor at Kingfisher Reserve, Modbury Heights for many years.

The presence of small birds such as the Superb Fairywren indicate a healthy ecology in the area.

Superb Fairywren are a valuable bird species as they eat a large quantity of insects that can damage native vegetation and trees.

In spring 2022 Biodiversity staff noticed for the first time Superb Fairy-wren south of Kingfisher Reserve at both Druminor Reserve and Fairleigh Reserve. 

We believe this is due to the unusually wet spring season and the subsequent long grasses along the Dry Creek corridor.

The habitat of dense shrub, and long native and weedy grass patches, has created a continuous feeding and semi-protected movement corridor for the Superb Fairywren.

We are now planning to help support the Superb Fairywren along the Dry Creek corridor by;

  • Working with Trees For Life and volunteers to enhance the shrub habitat
  • Working with our community to monitor the movement of Superb Fairywren
  • Creating a patchwork of long grass close to the creek. 

If you would like to express your interest in assisting with the Superb Fairywren habitat project, contact us