Environmental, economic and social benefits of trees

Children climbing tree

Trees are an important urban asset in our community.

They provide economic, environmental and social benefits to all living creatures in the City of Tea Tree Gully.

We’re working hard to increase the quantity of trees in our city and develop leafy streets and open spaces for our current and future residents.

Economic benefits

  • Reducing energy costs by shading buildings and reducing the need for air conditioning in summer
  • Increased property values - It is estimated that houses in tree-lined streets are valued 30% higher than those without trees
  • Research suggests that green cities have lower health costs due to healthier residents
  • Trees also prolong the life council assets and infrastructure such as roads or footpaths by the shade they provide.

Environmental benefits

  • Tree reduce urban temperatures, especially during summer. They shade streets and footpaths and their leaves reflect and absorb sunlight, minimising the heat absorbed by houses and buildings during the day
  • Expansive tree canopies and root systems help to manage stormwater flows and their heavy metal content
  • Trees do a great job of reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees take up carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone from the atmosphere.

Social benefits

  • The City of Tea Tree Gully is known for its green, leafy street, parks, reserves and open spaces. Trees define our character as a city
  • Trees provide a range of everyday recreational opportunities such as organised sport, walking the dog or a family picnic. They help forge a sense of connection to place
  • Established parks and streets with trees encourage the use of open spaces and healthy, connected communities
  • Green spaces are said to have a strong connection to reduced anxiety and improved wellbeing.

We encourage all residents to get outdoors daily to experience the many benefits of trees. 

How you can help