water in our city - lake

Council is committed to conserving and reusing water whenever it can. Our integrated water management approach is helping us to become a 'Water sensitive city'; a city that integrates water supply, wastewater, stormwater and our already built urban environment to provide economic, environmental and social benefits for Council and the community.

Due to our water recycling capacity, Council is now in a position where it has reduced its mains water use from approximately 900 mega litres per annum (MLp/a) to approximately 450MLp/a.

Stormwater treatment plant

The stormwater treatment plant at Wynn Vale Dam is the first of its kind in Australia. The plant is unique because it makes use of an existing dam, as opposed to constructing new wetlands to clean water before storing it in aquifers.

Water tanks

Residential and commercial water tanks can be used to help you save water over dry periods. If you're planning on installing a water tank, check out when development approval is required via the PlanSA website

Stormwater harvesting