gazania and fountain grass

Published 10 May 2018

Natural Resources has declared two new pest plants which are found throughout the City of Tea Tree Gully. The plants are fountain grass (Cenchrus setaceus) and gazania (Gazania spp.).

Fountain grass is a tufted perennial which grows up to 1.5 m high with pink/purple seed heads. It has commonly been planted as an ornamental grass. Fountain grass has been declared a pest plant as it is invasive to native vegetation and high seed production makes it difficult to control. 

See the fountain grass fact sheet.

Gazania is a perennial herb from South Africa with an average height of 30 cm. It has been planted as a popular groundcover in our area. Flowers are brightly coloured and typically have yellow or orange petals. Gazania is a declared plant as it is invasive and rapidly out competes native plants. They also produce an abundance of seeds which can spread up to 1 km. 

See the gazania fact sheet.

Council is removing these plants from public areas across our region, including verges and roundabouts. Non-invasive species will be planted once the pest plants have been eradicated.

If you find these plants on your property, we encourage you to remove them as soon as possible and place them in your green organic waste bin.  For help identifying these pests and weed control, see the fact sheets above.   

For further information, please contact us on 8397 7444.