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Council cuts verges from late winter to early summer and depending on seasonal factors. Cut grass is not collected but left on the verge.

Additional cutting outside of this program is only undertaken in cases where high growth creates risks for traffic or pedestrians. An assessment can be requested online or by calling us on 8397 7444.

Hover over the lawn-mower icons to see when verges will be mowed in your area.
The dates below may vary subject to weather. To find if your road is classified as a high traffic road, select: Verge schedule for high traffic roads.

Thank you

We thank the many residents who maintain their verges.

Alter or landscape a verge

A verge or naturestrip is usually the section between:

  • The property boundary and the road

  • The footpath and the road

A verge can be altered or landscaped by submitting an application to alter a public road (Section 221)

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