Carols ticketing information

The live Civic Park Carols event at Civic Park, Modbury is a ticketed event, allocated via an online ballot. No further tickets are available. 

If you have tickets and can no longer attend, please transfer or cancel your tickets via Ticketmaster. 

Ticketing FAQs     

Can I transfer or cancel my ticket?

  • You can transfer your tickets to someone else. Please do this via the Ticketmaster website so they receive any email updates that are required. 
  • If you don't want to transfer your tickets, please cancel them via the Ticketmaster website so they can be reallocated if possible.
  • Do not sell your tickets. This could result in your tickets being cancelled and reallocated.
  • To transfer your tickets - log onto your Ticketmaster account, select your tickets, click forward and fill in the details for the person who you would like to send the tickets to. Full information on the forwarding process can be found on the Ticketmaster website. 

How do I access my tickets?

  • Electronic ticket offers were sent to those successful in the ticket ballot. You must have completed the ticket booking process by the required date sent to you via text message. If you did not do this, your tickets would have been reallocated. 
  • Tickets must be presented at the entry gate on the day. If you don't have a ticket, you cannot attend as the event is operating under a COVID Management Plan.

How can I watch Civic Park Carols if I am unsuccessful in the ballot?

I'm having problems with my ticket. Who should I contact?

Contact Ticketmaster directly. Visit their help page for how to do this. 




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