Event trader application process

Event trader

We are accepting applications to join Council’s Event Food Trader Database.

The database is a listing of pre-qualified traders that have been assessed as meeting Council’s general compliance criteria and have agreed to supply their services in accordance with Council’s terms and conditions.

Pre-qualification ensures that only suitable, compliant and appropriately insured traders are considered for inclusion in Council’s events.

How to apply

Please complete the Event trader application form in order to apply. 

Traders are allocated to events in advance of the event date. Interested traders are encouraged to apply as early as possible in order to have the opportunity to be included in the annual events calendar. 

The selection criteria for participation in any event may include, but is not limited to;

  • Sustainable actions including compostable packaging and reduction of single-use plastics
  • The type of goods/services being sold by a trader
  • Site availability (including power requirements)
  • Mix of traders
  • Theme of event

Acceptance on the database does not guarantee inclusion in any event – it only represents a right to be considered for an event.

Council reserves the right to select traders from the database according to our own event criteria. Council events aim to provide an appropriate mix of traders and deliver on an agreed vision/ theme.