Summer Garden Festival

Summer Garden Festival

Thanks for attending the 2021 Summer Garden Festival, we hope you had a fantastic time celebrating the Adelaide Fringe in Civic Park!

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Main Stage

See the program for the Main Stage

Brazil Nut Orchestra - 2:30pm

brazil nut orchestre

Brazil Nuts seems like the smallest orchestra in the world. However these two guys make the concert happen. Felipe (singer/acoustic guitar) and Gustavo (double bass) met each other for the first time in Adelaide but are both from Sao Paulo - Brazil. The passion for music made their different approaches and backgrounds join together into a mix of 50s and 60s songs, classical music and Brazilian songs.

Diamond Skies - 5pm

Diamond Skies

Diamond Skies are a six-piece folk pop band from Adelaide consisting of Lucas Sly, Lauren Koopowitz, Erin Moller, Caspar Hawksley, Lenny Regione and Miles Sly. With a sound influenced across myriad genres, from folk to R&B, Diamond Skies are underlined by a shared love of harmonies, and an energetic and lively rhythmic bed. Telling stories of longing and love, of growing through experiences, treasuring friendships and travelling through life’s journey, Diamond Skies’ songs are personal and yet relatable.

Dragon Mill Fire Show - 8:50pm

Dragon Mill Fire Show

Dragon Mill - School of Fire Art, is a place to learn the Arts surrounding Fire Performance. An environment to learn and progress at any skill level in disciplines pertaining to fire art; Poi, Staff, Hoop, and more. Lead by Tim Goddard (Timmehtek), who is internationally acclaimed as one of the top Poi Spinners in the world.

Eloise Green Hula Queen - 7:30pm

Eloise Green Hula Queen

Eloise Green is a physical theatre, comedy and circus artist who has worked with Circus Oz as M.C. and acrobat, performed at the London National Theatre and toured to eighty three arts festivals in sixteen countries with companies, cabarets and her own duo and solo shows. 

Kelly Menhennet - 12:30pm

Kelly Menhennet

Kelly Menhennett’s distinctive voice quiets the most crowded of bars and street corners all around the world. Her mix of alt-country, blues, and ballads will leave every audience craving more.

Kuma Kaaru - 2pm

Kuma Kaaru

Kuma Kaaru Aboriginal Dance Group means One Blood in Kaurna language, the group represents many Aboriginal groups and are a family group to empower their mob.

La Bomba & Sambatuka - 4pm

La Bomba & Sambatuka

La Bomba's diverse crew of performers reflect how LATIN DANCE appeals to all cultures boasting a multicultural mix hailing from Brazil, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Colombia, the Philippines, Italy and Australia! Dancing to the incredible beats of Sambatuka - Brazilian samba and batucada drumming ensemble, they fire up the party!



The 80's are back! Immerse yourself in a time when velvet scrunchies, double denim and giant shoulder pads were all the rage. Take this acid washed trip down memory lane following six characters on a night out. Dancing to top pop tracks of the decade, throwing back to iconic music video moments inspired by jazz, lyrical and commercial dance. Press play on a show with big hair, bold moves and a whole lot of fun to make you wanna bust a move!

The Young And The Wrestlers - 6:30pm

The Young And The Wrestlers

Mix surf music with spaghetti western themes and some other eclectic musical curios and you have Instropunk … brought to you by The Young and the Wrestlers.

Street Theatre Lawn

See the program for street theatre lawn 

The Doogans - 4:30pm

The Doogans

Quirky, utterly stupid but nevertheless brilliantly clever, sassy cigar box Queen, Pandora Pink joins forces with comic juggling genius Mr. Spin, to make their latest hit show – ‘The Doogans’, it is a marvellous tribute to the classic vaudevillian greats of the 20th Century.

The show has a dynamic pace, mixed up with quirky improvised chitchat Rock n’ Roll dancing and phenomenal circus skills. The two characters are charming, mischievous and irresistibly funny.

Five star entertainment for the whole family!

Uno One of Many - 12:45pm

Uno One of Many

Master manipulator of mallets. Equilibrist of eccentric excellence. Sit back as Uno takes his audience on a journey of wonderment using his mallets to spin, balance, throw, catch and amaze. Perhaps Mum and Dad might find themselves handling a mallet of their own as they play a part in his fabled melodic, audience-powered live musical band. Who knows with Uno? Uno is sure to be a unique experience for the whole family. The one and only...Uno one of many, is a must see!

Nick Nickolas – Magician - 3:15pm


Nick Nickolas has been treading the boards for over thirty years, he is an experienced variety comedy entertainer with numerous international awards. Specialising in the art of magic and sleight of hand Nick Nickolas presents astounding magical effects, armed with a wealth of comedic material and quick fire one liners, laughter is always guaranteed.

BasketballMan - 5:45pm


Known as one of the world’s top Basketball Freestylers, BasketballMan combines amazing tricks, comedy, and an exciting stage presence in his one of a kind original show. Coming all the way from New York, Basketball Man has entertained audiences for over 15 years in 49 countries. Don’t miss the BasketballMan show.

Mr Spin Show - 2pm

Mr Spin Show

Mr Spin’s show is a highly skilled, comic vaudevillian style street/circus act. Showcasing amazing talent including Chinese devil-sticking with baseball bats, one ball manipulation an eight foot zigzag unicycle and a seven ball juggle, mixed with mad capped antics and an incredible sense of fun, not to mention a few hat tricks thrown in!

Scoot the Stunt Juggler - 7pm

Scoot the Stunt Juggler

Mark is a Juggler & Unicyclist who is one of Australia’s most exciting solo circus street performers–he goes by the name Scoot the Stunt Juggler he is a skilled international street performer, performing and juggling since a young age and with a degree in Circus and even a Guinness World Record!

The Big Pocket

See the program for the Big Pocket

Two up Circus - 12:45, 2:15, 3:45pm

Two up Circus

Two Up Circus present an amazing circus adventure full of juggling,acrobatics and crazy stunts. Witness the tale of how a contortionist anda unicyclist came together to form one the most exciting circus duos inthe country!

Enrico – Strange & Spectacular Ideas - 5:15, 6:45, 8:15pm

Enrico – Strange & Spectacular Ideas

Enrico is a silent clown with strange ideas.  His audiences witness circus feats that they have never seen before.  Enrico plays bass guitar like a true maestro whilst balancing two balls on a mouthpiece and riding a contorted mini unicycle.  He likes to blow up balloons ... until they pop!  He has a troublesome relationship with his rebellious jacket.  He likes red, round, and things that are red and round together.  From the start of the show audiences are endeared to this character wishing desperately for him to ‘get it right’…or wrong.  Whichever way it goes, with Enrico, it is always spectacular.  Skill and dexterity, shocks and hilarity, see it to believe it!

Matty B - 1:15, 2:45, 4:15pm

Matty B

Mathew James Brown is an artist/performer/guitarist/musician from Melbourne Australia. Performing for well know and respected companies as: Cirque Eloize, Circa Contemporary Circus, Circus Oz, Cavalia and Franco Dragone Entertainment Group. With a background in competitive gymnastics and a bachelor of circus arts from the National Institute Of Circus Arts (NICA2003- 2005) Mat has spent the better part of a decade developing his group ensemble work including but not limited to basing, middling, flying, trampoline, hand to hand, pitching (base and fly), toss, passing club juggle, hoop diving, skipping, teeterboard (dismounts), russian swing (fly), ground acrobatics, chinese pole, electric and acoustic guitars, flying trapeze plus continually developing his own movement qualities and refining his chosen solo disciplines of ball juggle, hand balancing, chinese pole and the more notible aerial straps. 

BonBon & Bobby - 1:45, 3:15, 4:45, 6:15, 7:45pm

BonBon & Bobby


Pandora Boxes - 5:45, 7:15pm

Pandora Boxes

 Physically hysterical performer, Louise Clarke presents ‘Pandora Boxes’ – a whirlwind tribute to the master of comedy, WC Field, Elvis Presley and all things pink and box like. She performs a skilful clownesque cigar-box and sassy hat routine to ‘Blue Suede shoes’ and ‘HardHeaded Women’. The show culminates in a ridiculous attempt to climb a precariously teetering tower made up of her beloved pink boxes, producing a show that is truly engaging, hilarious and utterly absurd!


See the program for Trapeze 

Josie Wardrope - 2:15, 4:30pm

Josie Wardrope

A cheerful and vivacious performer, Josie's spark for physicality led her to NICA where she specialised in Swinging Trapeze and Handstands and graduated with a Bachelor of Circus Arts in 2012. She formed TEOC circus with Anna Murray in 2016 and toured Australia and overseas performing in a variety of shows at festivals and events such as the Western Australian Circus Festival, Adelaide Fringe and the Taipei Arts Festival. Josie's touring continued after joining Circus Oz in 2018.

Maddie & Liam - 6, 8:25pm

Maddie & Liam