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Parents and caregivers

We follow the principles of the ‘Watch Around Water’ public swimming pool education and awareness program. 

  • Children under 5 years must be constantly supervised and remain within arms reach at all times
  • Children under 10 years must be accompanied into the facility and constantly supervised by a parent or guardian
  • Unsupervised children will be removed from the water if the lifeguard is concerned for their safety
  • Parents with children under 5 are required to purchase an adult entry pass to supervise their children in the pool

Lifeguards are always present at Waterworld, but the responsibility of supervision of children is shared between parents or caregivers and our lifeguards. Please ensure that your child is your focus while at Waterworld.

For more information on the Watch Around Water program please speak to our staff or visit the Recreation SA website.

Inexperienced teen and adult swimmers

Your safety is very important to us and whilst there are lifeguards on duty at Waterworld, we ask that you follow these steps to help ensure your safety:

  • Tell a staff member or lifeguard on arrival that you are an inexperienced swimmer, we’re here to help
  • We'll provide you with a water safety wristband. Please wear it while in the water to be easily recognised by lifeguards
  • It's ok to admit that you're an inexperienced swimmer, be recognised and survive
  • Swim within safe depths according to your ability. Don't swim in water over chest height
  • Never swim in the deep end of the pool
  • Be aware of depth change areas in the pool
  • Swim with a friend or companion
  • Make your life, your focus

Improve your swimming and water safety skills - Waterworld offers beginner swimming classes for people of all ages, including teenagers and adults. Please speak to our staff for more information or email 

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