14. Sheralyn Iljcesen

26 Stories-Sheralyn-Iljcesen

The library had been a part of Sheralyn’s life since she was eight years old, but she didn’t realise the life-saving impact it would have on her until her son was born 27 years ago.

Suffering from postnatal depression, the library’s children’s programs not only helped Sheralyn release some of her active and curious son’s energy, but it was also a healthy distraction that gave them a reason to leave the house and meet different people.

“For me, it was literally a lifesaver! It made me get out of the house. It made me stop focussing so much on him and how bad I felt. He enjoyed it to the nth degree and even after the program finished, we’d probably still be here for another hour while he sorted through books and toys.”

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