15. Anne and Fei

26 Stories Anne and Fei

Fei and Anne met in late 2020, when Fei became an English literacy student at Tea Tree Gully Library.

Anne had been coming to the library for years when she decided to become an English literacy volunteer. This was after completing a course in English as a second language tutoring and volunteering in Asia. It was her hope to learn more about other cultures and people in her local area.

Fei had been attending the library since 2017, largely using our services to entertain her young son. She applied for English literacy classes online because she thought it would be a good opportunity to practice her English while learning more about local life and her community.

Fei finds Anne very encouraging, and has given her the support and confidence to begin her Diploma in Building Design.

“Anne’s life attitude gives me a lot. I feel no longer anxious about my daily life.” 

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