5. Jasmine Schubert

Jasmine Schubert

Jasmine Schubert began coming to the library by herself in Year 5, bringing along friends to share the environment with and setting a personal challenge to borrow as many books as possible to “get the longest receipt”.

When Year 10 work experience came around, Jasmine knew exactly where she wanted to work – the library – which she says was one of the best weeks she had in high school. She says the library staff encouraged her to bring her passion into her work and she really appreciated and enjoyed the experience.

The library also helped Jasmine discover her love of manga and spun her interest in drawing. This interest has now lead to her pursuing a degree in performing and digital arts at university, of which she is about to begin her first year.

“When I was younger, I didn’t have internet or any electronic devices at home, so doing homework was a bit difficult and the resources [the Library has]… helped me pass Years 8, 9 and 10 – I don’t think I would have passed school if it wasn’t for that. I’m really grateful for it.”

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