9. Marie and Isabelle

26 Stories - Marie and Isabelle

When Marie’s daughter Isabelle was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome – a rare genetic disorder that led to severe impairments, including Isabelle’s ability to speak, walk, eat, and use her hands – Marie found comfort and support in library programs, and Isabelle in her love of music.

In the first year after diagnosis, Marie found it quite difficult to go out in the community and connect with people so she began looking for activities nearby.

After seeing our Mini Movers program, she thought it would be a perfect opportunity to engage with other kids and families, get out of the house and enjoy some music and stories, while also raising awareness and normalising very young children with disabilities.

Thanks to their regular library visits over the last 3 years, Isabelle’s passion for music and books has been nurtured.

“Having access to all of the books here in the library gave us the opportunity to nurture that learning and love she has.”

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See Isabelle and Marie demonstrate how technology helps Isabelle follow her passion for reading.

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