Library shelving project

From Monday 5 June, the shelving in the library is being updated to become more modern and accessible.

This will require closures to sections of the library and will limit access to collections, spaces and services.

In order to complete this work, there will be some disruptions to library access during the following two stages:

Stage 1: Partial closure - western end of library
Monday 5 June, 9am - Friday 9 June, 12noon

Stage 2: Full library closure
Friday 9 June, 12noon - Wednesday 14 June, 9am

The library will reopen on Wednesday 14 June at 9am.

External chutes will remain available for 24/7 returns and our Digital Library is accessible 24/7.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation and understanding during this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the library 

Frequently asked questions:

Why is the library shelving being replaced?

This $302,000 project will see us upgrade over 80% of the library’s shelving - which was at end of life - to contemporary, modern shelving displays that will offer an enhanced customer experience.


  • A more versatile and adaptable shelving layout
  • Shelving is lower in height, making our collection accessible for more of our community
  • More private and quiet spaces for you to study, work or read
  • Light-weight and portable shelving helps us create larger spaces and increase capacity for community events


We will also become the first South Australian public library to organise their entire adult non-fiction collection by genre instead of the traditional Dewey Decimal System - a practice called ‘genrefication’.

Our non-fiction collection will now be categorised and displayed in 16 defined genres, similar to our existing fiction collection, and include user-friendly way-finding signage reminiscent of a large book shop.


  • Navigating the collection will be easier
  • Finding exactly what you’re looking for will be faster
  • The increased discoverability of similar titles will make casual browsing a breeze
  • It allows us to see the genres you're loving so we can easily adapt or expand our layout based on community reading patterns
  • Library staff will be able to give you more helpful recommendations

How will the project impact my library access?

There will be two main stages in the project:

Stage 1 - partial closure - western end of the library:

The fiction and relaxed reading area end of the library will be closed. The rest of the library will remain open during Stage 1.

Timing: Monday 5 June, 9am - Friday 9 June, 12noon 

Stage 2 - full library closure:

The library will be closed to the public. 

Timing: Friday 9 June, 12noon - Wednesday 14 June, 9am 

What will be available in Stage 1?

Unavailable Available
Relaxed Reading Area Computer training rooms
Lounge Seating Area Children's area
Café seating within the library      Limited quiet/study spaces
Western end study area  



All public computers will be available, as well as printing, photocopying and scanning facilities.
Holds shelves will be available.

Unavailable Available 
Fiction collection  Children's collection
Large print TopPicks! collection
Audiobooks  DVDs
Teen collection Adult Non-Fiction: 700-999
Adult Non-Fiction: 000-699    Recently returned items
Graphic novels & all anime items    Magazines 


Will I still be able to...

Borrow or return books?

Stage 1: The eastern end of the library will remain open from Monday 5 June until Friday 9 June at 12noon. Our collection may be limited during this time, but there will still be plenty of items to browse and borrow. 

You will be able to return books 24/7 using either our external or internal chutes.

Stage 2: From Friday 9 June at 12noon until Wednesday 14 June at 9am, the library will be closed and there will be no access to our collection. We encourage you to borrow in bulk prior to Monday 5 June, or explore our Digital Library.

You will be able to return books 24/7 using our external chutes only.

Pick up my holds?

Yes, you will be able to access the holds shelves during opening hours during Stage 1.

Hold pick up dates will be extended over closure dates to give you extra time to pick up your holds. If you need additional time, please contact the library. 

Use the computers?

Yes, you will be able to access public computers during opening hours in Stage 1.

We encourage you to book a computer online to guarantee access.

There will be no access to public computers during Stage 2.

Print, photocopy or scan documents?

Yes, there will be access to printing and scanning services during opening hours in Stage 1.

There will be no access to printing and scanning services during Stage 2.

Have a coffee at Bake & Brew?

Bake & Brew will be open during their normal hours throughout Stage 1 of the project but seating may be limited. 

During Stage 2, they will be closed from 12noon Friday 9 June and reopen on Wednesday 14 June for their regular hours.

Study or read?

There will be limited spaces for reading or studying. We recommend you call the library on 8397 7333 prior to your visit.

Visit the Toy Library?

The Toy Library will be open during their regular opening hours during Stage 1 and closed during Stage 2, however, they will be operating a Click & Collect service on Tuesday 13 June. Please contact the Toy Library directly for this service.

Visit the JP after hours?

The Justice of the Peace service will still operate on Monday and Wednesday evenings (excluding the public holiday). The JP will not be available Saturday 10 June.

Bookings are essential and can be made online.

Regular events and programs impacted

Mini Movers & Baby Bounce

Mini Movers & Baby Bounce will run as usual during Stage 1.

Sessions on Tuesday 13 June have been cancelled, and will return as normal on Wednesday 14 June.

Digital Hub classes and one-on-ones

Digital Hub classes and one-on-ones will not be impacted during Stage 1, and will not be available during Stage 2.

Family history

Family history will not be impacted during Stage 1, and will not be available during Stage 2.

English literacy

English literacy will not be impacted during Stage 1, and will not be available during Stage 2.

Customer's safety and comfort

The safety and comfort of our customers is our top priority throughout the entire project. 

There will be fencing to block off unsafe areas and minimise noise in the areas that are open to the public. We request that you respect these boundaries.

There will be limited space for people to study and relax during this time.

We have also carefully considered accessibility requirements for customers as much as possible throughout our planning. For any areas that are not accessible, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist.