Modbury Skate Plaza

Modbury Skate Plaza

Modbury skate plaza caters for inline skating, skateboards, BMX and scooters and for skills of all levels.

The plaza has seating, picnic table, lawn areas, a skate bowl, terraced walls, ramps and ledges along with shade.

The site has lighting which is push-button operated.  To turn on the lights, push the green button (pictured below) on the light pole closest to Waterworld. Once activated, lights will stay illuminated for 1 hour and dim for the last 10 minutes of operation. The lights automatically turn off at 10pm.

skate plaza light

Skate Plaza lighting video

Skate Plaza opening day video


Modbury Skate Plaza 360 tour

Click play to begin the 360 tour of the Modbury Skate Plaza or view in full-screen mode.


Golden Fields also has a skate park which is suitable for all ages with two bowls, ramps and ledges for skating, scooting and riding.


Jack High Ln & Golden Grove Rd, Modbury 5092  View Map

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