About the Active Ageing program

Active Ageing is supported by the Federal Government. Council's Active Ageing program offers quality services and choices to eligible residents with a focus on developing and delivering innovative programs in partnership with the community. The program is committed to encouraging personal growth and independence whilst maximising capacity and quality of life.

Services are available to Council residents who are ageing, physically frail or who are carers of these people.

The services are aimed to assist eligible residents to remain living independently in their own homes. Service user contributions apply to Active Ageing services. For specific charges refer to individual programs. People who are financially disadvantaged may negotiate alternative fee options.

Access to these programs and services can be sourced through the My Aged Care website or by calling 1800 200 422

Our Active Ageing staff, volunteers and contractors make every attempt to provide a high quality service at a reasonable cost to eligible clients. It is not possible to guarantee that all services will meet the full requirements of individual clients.  Resource restrictions often dictate the nature of service and higher or more intense levels of service may be more appropriately sourced from specialised providers.

Please call 8397 7444 to enquire about the services provided and eligibility criteria.